Buddy the Ranch Dog

A true story of a dog and his best friend JR
As told by the Ranch Hand

Buddy lives on a ranch with his best friend JR and another companion Primo, a black lab. I work on the ranch for JR, Buddy and Primo.

Buddy likes to hitch a ride in the Kawasaki Mule whenever someone tools around the ranch doing work. He absolutely loves to be around and with people. He is a goof ball that loves to follow his nose and boy does he have a nose. He will wander for hours just smelling around, fulfilling his curiosity.

Buddy on heating padWhen his friend JR gets out of his chair, Buddy enjoys keeping it warm for him!

He also likes to help JR put his boots on.

When JR woke up Sunday morning on October 26th, 2014, it was a cool and beautiful day on the ranch. Unfortunately JR wasn’t feeling very well and this is where the truly remarkable love story begins.

JR and BuddyAn ambulance was called to help take JR to the emergency room to get checked out. The Mason County EMT’s arrived and packaged JR up for his one hour ride to the hospital. After I helped get everyone out the door I closed up the house and was making sure the dogs were okay. They had gotten pretty excited with all the commotion, were a little upset and worried about JR. I found Primo and reassured him everything would be okay. I couldn’t find Buddy, I looked and called for 10 minutes trying to find him. I wasn’t too concerned as it was normal for him to go exploring – remember that nose? Finally I felt it was time for me to go be with JR and trusted Buddy to take care of himself.

And he did!

JR in wheel chairWhen I got to the hospital emergency room I met the Mason County EMT’s and a truly incredible story started to unfold. They told me that they had turned JR over to the wonderful people in the ER at the Hill Country Memorial Hospital in Fredricksburg and they had JR’s dog for me!

Here is the story as best I can piece it together. After the ambulance driver had gotten into the cab at the ranch, Buddy jumped up onto the outside step of the ambulance, not wanting to leave his friend JR. Buddy rode outside the ambulance, on the step, about 18 miles from the ranch, through Mason, until a car flagged the ambulance down to tell them about the dog riding on the step! The EMT’s then put Buddy in the back of the ambulance to ride with JR and EMT Tanner. Wayne, the driver told me after they took JR out at the hospital Buddy started looking for him and in his exploring, turned on the lights and sirens in the Emergency Room driveway.

Buddy in truckWhen Buddy and his friend JR got to the hospital, of course that was all anyone could talked about. It made many people laugh and everyone wanted to meet Buddy the Ranch Dog. It was a happy occasion to celebrate what dogs do best, give unconditional love.

Cara, one of the ER nurses was kind enough during JR’s stay to wheel him outside to visit with Buddy. JR’s blood pressure dropped dramatically after that visit.

Of course, Buddy’s blood pressure dropped a little after seeing JR also!

Animals are amazing and wonderful creatures that reflect the compassion of their owners. This is one case where an incredible dog showed his love for a truly wonderful Gentle Man.

This is one story that truly has a happy ending. Thankfully everyone is fine and we are all back home on the range where we all belong.

Edited 11-14-15 by the Ranch Hand.

Note: Sadly JR passed over the Rainbow Bridge since this writing but will be reunited with his beloved Buddy one day.