Mission Statement

The mission of Buddy’s Animal Rescue is to care for and protect adoptable, homeless pets by providing needed medical attention, socializing through fostering, placing in suitable homes, and working closely with the Mason community to help neglected and abused animals.
Vision Statement


  • Bottle feeding neonates rescued by Mason Animal Control
  • Ongoing snip/snip (spay and neutering) program for pets of qualifying families
  • Saving adoptable animals from euthanasia ignored by other rescues when a foster or out of town rescue is available
  • Board Members may save an animal they are willing to foster until adopted
  • Help provide members of our community a solution to help care for their pets
  • Provide cats/dogs to older members of our community to foster to alleviate loneliness
  • Work with other rescues to facilitate the transport of our rescues
  • Provide spay/neuter and rabies vaccinations to Mason Pound adopted dogs